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Why do many people look for jobs in Western Canada?

Western Canada represents a new start for many people across Canada because of its vibrant and diverse economy. They look to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba because many companies are looking for them! Most companies are offering jobs in Western Canada at good wages with good benefits.

Are you wondering how to get started in your job search? WORKWEST® is here to help!

WORKWEST® puts all the tools for a successful job search in one place. Among Western Canada job search websites, no one else puts you in touch with companies who are hiring so quickly. Our tools let you narrow your search if you know what kind of job you are seeking, or allow broad parameters to view multiple listings. Unlike other job search websites, job seekers and leading-edge companies meet at

WORKWEST® is actively involved in bringing new potential employees to Western Canada to fill much-needed positions in the labour market. In several regions of Canada, unemployment is high and people are seeking jobs in Manitoba, Sasaktchewan, Alberta or British Columbia and new opportunities for themselves and their families in the West. The WORKWEST® Career Caravan travels to these regions, bringing representatives of Western Canadian businesses to meet prospective employees where they live.

We specialize in bringing employers and job seekers together...